Roof Cleaning

Over time, roofs can become home to all types of algae and bacteria, leading to discolouration and possibly deterioration of roofing material. We can help! Shield HD softwashing will help restore and protect the roof making it look like new and extending the life.

Our softwashing system is an alternative to more traditional pressure washing.  Pressure washing can cause damage to roofing surfaces and can exacerbate the issue further.  When you mow a lawn on a regular basis, the grass will grow back thick and faster, the same can result when using pressure washing on roofing surfaces.

By investing in state of the art machinery, we are able to deliver the treatment quickly and efficiently ensuring a High Definition result for our clients.  Shield HD Softwashing will PRESERVE, PROTECT and MAINTAIN your roof.

Benefits of Shield HD SoftWashing

before and after roof cleaning
20 year old roof as clean as new - softwashing

Reasons to use Shield HD Softwashing for your roof cleaning project